Citizen Data Network

Turning the Blockchain into a Peer-to-Peer Data Storage Network

Application Data Storage that puts the User in Control

The Citizen Data Network allows your applications to leverage PPK and P2P blockchains for user-centric data security

  • Public-Private Keys are used to ensure that every data transaction is signed and users only share data when and to whom they approve
  • Peer-to-Peer Blockchains are used to ensure that all atomic data transactions are verified and immutable
  • Additional network features ensure security, integrity and performance while reducing complexity for your developers

Integrate Your Applications to Blockchain Data Storage

The Citizen Data Network provides web and mobile software development kits (SDKs) and a worldwide connection layer that makes it easy for you to integrate your applications to blockchain-based data storage.  The network allows you to leverage public or permissioned blockchains and to manage your own application-specific blockchains in AWS or Azure. 

Develop Industry Solutions

  • Healthcare
  • Supply Chain
  • Government and Elections
  • Credit Reports
  • Insurance


Jonathan Alexander

Project Founder

CTO at QASymphony (now Tricentis) and Vocalocity (now Vonage Business) two of the fastest-growth SaaS start-ups since 2010.  Former VP at Epiphany.  Began career writing software for Michael Crichton.

Steven Landers

Technical Director

Software architect at Pindrop Security and Vocalocity, consultant at Thoughtworks, expert in security and high-performance cloud solutions. BS Comp Sci and MBA from University of Georgia, Athens.

Steve Gant

Business Director

Software executive with deep experience in security and international business development.  Former executive at SAI Global, Modulo Security, IBM Internet Security Systems. BS Physics Auburn University.

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