Synchronize Data and Documents to Blockchain

  • SDKs and CLI for administration and client integrations
  • Open Data Kit Connector for full OpenRosa support
  • REST APIs for data and document definition, submission and retrieval
  • Support for public and private blockchains and multiple file storage systems
  • Data and documents can be stored offchain with references on blockchain
  • Example web and mobile applications
  • Multiple options for user identification
  • Data and documents can be encrypted with controlled reveal

SDKs and CLIs

Netrosa Software Development Kit and Command Line Interface for administration, data and document submission and retrieval.

Download the SDK and CLI

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Netrosa REST APIs for administration, submission and retrieval.

Check out the APIs

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ODK Connector

The Netrosa Open Data Kit Connector provides support for client applications that use the OpenRosa standard.

Access the ODK Developer Environment

Sign up for a developer account and then contact us in Slack to get access.
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Source Code on GitHub

Netrosa SDK is open source.

Check out Netrosa on GitHub

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Learn more about Netrosa and Citizen Data.